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Ready to Glow

No energy or motivation…
Weight gain around the belly…
Anxiety, mood swings, hot flushes, night sweats…
Believe you me I’ve been there! 

I have spent the last few years navigating menopause and all that comes with it. I want to share with as many women as possible the natural ways I found that relieve menopausal symptoms, not only that but how I re-energised my body and life to feel better than ever.
I am looking for 6 more women who want help and guidance to manage all that comes with the hormonal imbalances of menopause

I am offering a free ‘ReadytoGlow Menopause Fit’ group exercise session with me, an experienced personal trainer, nutritionist and current menopause survivor.

Why free? Because I am passionate about helping as many women as possible navigate the journey of menopause, whilst feeling good about themselves both inside and out and not letting hormones get in the way. I am committed to sharing what I have learnt from my journey and the natural ways I have managed to relieve many of my symptoms.
By claiming one of our free ‘ReadytoGlow Menopause Fit’ group exercise session you will get:

90 minute in-depth help with exercise, nutritional advice and relaxation
Experienced and certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist
Find out the best foods to eat during these hormonal changes to balance hormones and avoid weight gain
Techniques on how to reduce hot flushes, mood swings and anxiety.
Guided meditation and breathing practices to feel more relaxed and sleep better.
All with a group of like minded supportive women
Ask any and all questions along the way
And so much more!

Simply click on the link below and book your spot to claim your free ‘ReadytoGlow Menopause Fit’ group exercise session.


So are you ReadytoGlow? You’ve got nothing to lose!
Still not sure?

Here are what a few people have said about our sessions:

“Hi Karen, just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help and guidance you’ve given me on my journey. My incentive is back into exercising again thanks to you. You’ve taught me loads and loving how my body shape is changing. Others have noticed also which is great. Many thanks to you.” – Lynne

“It’s really working for me. I’ve now lost weight and feel much fitter and healthier thank you Karen.” – Kate

So if you want to to re-energise your body and your life so you can feel better than ever then click the link to grab your FREE spot but hurry up places are going fast!

Can’t wait to see you soon

Karen Fielding