Sacha Beveridge

Dynamic Hot Yoga Teacher

Classes taught

My love for yoga began in 1996 whilst backpacking Indonesia. I found myself in a humble yoga retreat on a beautiful beach and I have never looked back. Ever since then I have travelled the world exploring and evolving my practice. I spent 6 months in India, staying in many Ashrams where I learnt Ashtanga yoga and I have also practiced in America, New Zealand, Singapore, Fiji, Samoa and various other far away places.

I experienced my first Dynamic Hot Yoga class back in 2007 after trying every other form of Yoga that Brighton had to offer, & searching endlessly for one with a passion & deep-rooted belief in what can be achieved.

It took only one class for me to realise that this was exactly what I was looking for. The heat was hard, the class was tough, but I loved the teachers, the studio and the community & I felt great afterwards. It took me a while to make sense of the repetition, but over time, slowly and surely it’s changed my life. Like so many other people, it has helped to heal my spine, change my body, improve my focus, clear my mind, and it has genuinely opened my heart. I found such an amazing motivation & community spirit at DHY.

Practicing DHY twice a week then turned in to 3, 4 times & very quickly a way of life. This is when I realised just how powerful this style of yoga is and how much change is possible in our minds, body & soul.

I quickly became trained in the DHY sequence in 2009 & in Hatha Yoga by the British School 0f Yoga (BSY) & I remain as dedicated to DHY & my practice as ever, including regular practice throughout both my pregnancies in 2008 and 2015.

Over time I have noticed how my levels of determination, patience and flexibility in both mind and body have risen. I love how the sequence stays the same but yet each class is unique.

My aim is to create a safe, calm, relaxing environment in which people can come to unwind, get to know their self, explore their bodies, re-energise and to experience a sense of belonging. I never take for granted the limitless possibilities that regular practice creates by keeping our bodies in shape, our spines healthy, our minds clear & our focus strong.

As a teacher, I learn something new every class and I am constantly inspired by student transformations and goals realized, the injuries that improve and the incredible focus that develops. Teaching is a gratification and it allows me to observe people changing their bodies, their lives, & generally becoming happier, healthier, calmer & more grounded.

All you have to do is decide to come.

Many things may have come and gone in all of our lives but my practice and dedication to yoga has remained, and for that, I am very grateful.