Dynamic Hot Yoga
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What is Dynamic Hot Yoga?

Dynamic Hot Yoga

Dynamic Hot Yoga, one of numerous forms of Hatha Yoga, is an energetic form of yoga based on powerful deep breathing and heat.

As with all yoga styles, it is the breath that controls your whole yoga practice, linking the body to the mind and bringing self awareness and self improvement. The breath generates Heat, Energy, Strength, Stamina, Balance and Flexibility for the body. Mentally, the breath develops deep Relaxation, Concentration, Discipline and Patience.

After time, when your foundation of breath is established, it is then possible to learn advanced breathing techniques working with ujjayi breath and the use of bandhas, giving more focus and improving your yoga practice tremendously.

All of our Dynamic Hot Yoga classes are 90 minutes long beginning with Pranayama warm up postures then standing postures (which take up two thirds of the class), followed by single leg balancing postures and floor postures and ending with the relaxation / finishing sequence.

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Our yoga teachers work personally with each yoga student, eventually using adjustments (Mysore Style) and thus optimising nerve alignment (Opening Nadis / Energy Flow). They can recognise nerve blockages throughout the body (bringing better awareness to the student) thus allowing the freeing and unblocking of nerves (Nadis) in base form.