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Chakra purification workshop:
Dynamic Hot Yoga 9 September 2018
 Dance to Inner Peace
 Discover your inner radiance with Yi Ling (Monica) Chao and Gordon Coxon

Sunday 9th September 2018 12-3pm witha snack break £25 at Reception of via Pay Pal

In a joyful celebration of life force energies, Gordon Coxon and his Sonic Blessings partner Yi Ling (Monica) Chou offer an exhilarating yet contemplative journey through the chakras, helping you to discover your inner radiance with music, dance, asana, pranayama, essential oils, chant, meditation and sound immersion.
In this workshop Monica and Gordon invite you to:
  • Learn more about the chakra system and how we can better integrate awareness of chakras into everyday life
  • Joyously dance through each chakra from root to crown accompanied by music specially composed for the workshop
  • Engage in deep asana and pranayama practice to aid our journey from body to spirit
  • Explore the subtle elements of life force through chakra massage with essential oils, guided chanting and meditation
  • Integrate and resonate with a relaxing and enervating gong bath
Taiwan-based Yi Ling (Monica) Chao is an experienced Hatha yoga and Kundalini yoga instructor who has been inspiring students with her yoga teachings for more than 10 years. Yi Ling is also a Reiki master, accomplished gong player and author. Combining yoga practice, energy work and sound healing in teaching and training courses is Yi Ling's current focus. Through her leading, participants typically feel calm, peaceful and meditative as they journey deeply into inner space to find inner peace.
A drummer and percussionist since his teens, long-time sound bath facilitator Gordon Coxon was drawn to the gong more than 15 years ago through a deepening involvement in yoga and meditation and it has since become his main sphere of interest. Gordon studies with Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux – the world’s foremost authority on the gong – and through Don's teachings has been inspired to develop practices such as The Lightning Path, a planet gong meditation based on the Tree of Life.
Gordon and Monica in 2016 launched Sonic Blessings, an East meets West, yin meets yang adventure in sound, movement and spirit. Their vision is integrating yoga, meditation and sound healing as they explore the resonant power of universal energy worldwide through movement, mindfulness and sound therapy events, gong baths, concerts, workshops, training, and retreats.

9 September

Dance to Inner Peace

Dance to Inner Peace

Laurene Bizarro's yoga workshops 2018
Introduction to the intermediate series
Sunday 28th October 2018 12pm-3pm  £25 at Reception or via Pay Pal

In this workshop we will be dipping our toes into the first part of the intermediate series- Unlocking the key postures of the primary series which will allow us to move forwards into the next step of our yoga journey.

Yoga adjustment workshop:
Sunday 4 November 2018
1-4 pm Sunday 4 November. £35 (early bird price £30 if you book before 5/10/18)