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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced yogi planning your first yoga class at the Dynamic Hot Yoga studio in Hove, here are the answers to some of our most popular queries:

"How do I get started?"

Just turn up 15 minutes before the start of your chosen yoga class, fill in a short questionnaire and we will sign you up.
If you have not practised at Dynamic Hot Yoga before you can benefit from our new member's special offer of £30 for 30 days.

"Dynamic Hot Yoga - Safety and Care"

DHY is the biggest Yoga studio in Brighton & Hove, one of the most 'body conscious' cities in the U.K.
Every single person who allows Yoga into their lives has their own personal story of experience and effect. Of the hundreds of students who come through our doors every year there are many who have had no previous experience at all. And of those, there are a high proportion who come along to lose weight, and indeed may join primarily for reasons of vanity.
With regular attendance they find that their wish starts to come true. They lose weight, look better, their skin clears. Yoga is working for them. Yet it is also working ON them, and one of the great pleasures of teaching is to witness them come gradually into the full experience of practicing Yoga. Which is why Dynamic Hot Yoga, from the very first class, emphasizes the vital importance of the breath; that we are very patiently developing the body from the breath outward.
Working in this way, by not primarily stressing the physical 'in the mirror' effort ensures that everyone builds on a very safe method of practice.
Being conscious of the breathe is something that few people in the 'general public' have considered, let alone practiced. As they practice conscious breathing as the centre of their asanas, and in the meditation as a 'mindfulness', they gradually become aware of their true journey in Yoga and find their own centre.
Another group of students first come to Yoga in order to remedy or ameliorate injury or illness. A great many with back, hip or knee problems. We have a number of professional athletes, including boxers and triathletes who attend the first time with an idea of flexibility lacking in their training regimes. On the Dynamic Yoga website you will see testimonials from all these groups, and some quite wonderful personal results. What is true of them all is that over time they each come to experience the inner meaning of Yoga in their lives and that this is its most significant importance to them.
In every class beginner variations for each asana are fully demonstrated. During the class every student is under careful guidance and given adjustments or advice as appropriate to them.
Every Dynamic Yoga Class is taught on the tenets of Satya, Ahimsa and Svadhyaya. Week by week we work through the Limbs of Yoga as a philosophical approach to life. Truthfulness is emphasized as the centre around which all thought and every action revolves and ultimately returns to. As breath is the core that builds the body, so truth is the integrity that nourishes the soul.
At Dynamic Hot Yoga we have students who have been attending for over ten years and are a long way beyond purely physical results. Each student, from the most neophyte to the most experienced is treated with the same consideration for their overall wellbeing.

"What should I wear?"

Women will be most comfortable wearing lycras, shorts or leggings, a T-shirt or vest.
Men will generally prefer to wear shorts or lycras, a T-shirt or vest.

You will not need a sweatshirt at any of our Hot Yoga classes.

"What do I need to bring?"

Bring a yoga mat or large towel and a bottle of water. You may also want a towel to shower after the class.
We sell bottled water at the studio and can supply yoga mats and towel hire for a small charge.
Please don't come to a yoga class on a full stomach. Be prepared to work hard but only at YOUR own pace.

"Can I lose weight with Dynamic Hot Yoga?"

Yes! Due to the heated room and the cardiovascular style of Dynamic Hot Yoga, it is an excellent way to lose weight by burning up your body fat as a fuel. As with any weight loss programme you may wish to consult your doctor before beginning Hot Yoga classes.
With regular yoga practice you can also increase your fitness, stamina and posture; read more about the Benefits of Hot Yoga.

"What if I’m not very flexible?"

Your current level of flexibility does not matter; with time and perseverance one can attain flexibility and strength through continued yoga practice.
It is important that you always practice at your own pace.

"What if I’m not very fit?"

Your current level of fitness is not a problem; the great thing about our style of Yoga is that it is designed for all fitness levels.
Read more about our yoga classes for Complete Beginners.

"Why the heat?"

The heat helps your body perform at its optimum level. For our Hot Yoga classes, the studio is heated to between 98 and 100°F with a humidity of 50%.
Often associated with Bikram Yoga (a style also adapted from traditional Hatha Yoga), Hot Yoga is the term used to describe a number of yoga styles practised in a heated room to increase one's flexibility in the poses. It makes one's muscles, ligaments and tendons very elasticised thus allowing skeletal and nerve realignment through one's musculature.
Find out more: What is Dynamic Hot Yoga?


"What are the Terms and Conditions?"

Our complete Terms and Conditions can be found here Dynamic Hot Yoga Terms and Conditions