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Chloe Skinner

Classes taught:

Chloe is passionate about sharing the joys and challenges of yoga with others. For Chloe, yoga has been a medicine through the highs and lows of life, teaching her the art of flow - of riding the waves - and growing, strengthening and softening within all the transitions.

Yoga can be many things for many people. By coming to your mat with openness - an intelligence of being, simply, who and where we are - Chloe believes that yoga can be a powerful practice through which we can simultaneously still, soothe, soften, listen, grow, strengthen, play and silence. By returning to our centres - our solid and strong core, our source - she believes we can then explore our edges, which so expand and grow.

Chloe is particularly passionate about the power of inducing physical intensity - safely through a rooted connection to our core and the earth - so that we can begin to learn and change how we respond to struggle. By willingly creating heat through powerful postures and strong flows, silencing and softening as we do so, Chloe believes that we can learn how to respond differently to difficulty - softening into challenges, breathing into blockages, flowing with what is, and expanding our ever permeable boundaries into that which is bigger than ourselves.

Chloe believes that each moment is a teacher, each moment is medicine, and that yoga is a powerful practice in which we can learn how to notice, taste and juice every flavour out of every experience.

After years of self-practice, Chloe trained to teach yoga in Nicaragua with Meghan Currie. She recently arrived in Brighton, and is ready to accompany you in your practice, your flow and your journey, hoping to help you realise your immense strength for the ride, and soften into all of the flavours of it’s ebbs and flows.