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Lisa Shaw

Classes taught:

Lisa has explored yoga at various points in her my life, as a child, when travelling in India and pre and postnatally. Then in 2005, with a 3yr old daughter and 1yr old twin boys at home, she discovered Dynamic Hot Yoga. 

It ticked all the boxes for her, giving a fantastic physical workout as well as stimulating the mind and satisfying the soul, and what started as a once a week ‘me time’ and weight loss tool, became a passion. 

As the daughter of a doctor and a psychotherapist, she has deep interest in holistic and preventative healthcare and the vocation to help her fellow human beings.

Lisa’s natural progression was then to train as a yoga teacher with DHY and she now has many years experience with both new and experienced students.

Lisa is also qualified in pre- & post-natal yoga training with the British School of Yoga, an area to which mothers have often told her that her calm and caring mindfulness is perfectly suited.