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Business & Ethics

The business section of TT training, I will explain all the ins and outs in how to set up a business from an idea and then go into depth business, promotion, finance etc I will go over the basics first so you have a rough idea of what is required and then explain the basics in details.

Everything I explain to the group will also be shown to you in practice in how I run DHY in real life. I will explain level of passion, confidence and patience required in being a business owner. By the end of the business class, you will have the knowledge of how to built a solid foundation when and if you decide to set up your own yoga business. I believe in my method as it’s basic and I have learnt from a lot of mistakes which gained me all the experience I need and I’m very happy to pass the knowledge of my experience with you and hope it will help you be successful.

This will involve-

  • How to start up business
  • Investment
  • Forming a company
  • Accounts (VAT etc)
  • Premises (fixtures and fitting required, size etc)
  • Memberships
  • Classes
  • Systems to control purchases
  • Staff requirement (qualifications, quantity of staff)
  • Licence
  • Insurance

We will present UK legislation based information only. But this also gives rough idea internationally.
This business talk will be also be shown in practice at the Dynamic Hot Yoga studio in how we run our business.

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