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Dynamic Hot Yoga

Currently available from just £69 per month!

Dynamic Hot Yoga is an energetic form of Hatha Yoga based on powerful deep breathing and heat. The studio is heated to around 98°F (slightly lower than the recommended Bikram Yoga temperature); our classes combine classical yoga and the science of sport with the additional benefit of safely burning calories. Don’t miss our early morning classes, also available on a 10-class card or as a Drop-in class!

The Practice

As with every style of yoga, it is the breath that controls your whole yoga practice – linking the body to the mind and bringing self awareness and self improvement. As your yoga develops, advanced breathing techniques with ujjayi breath and the use of bandhas will improve your yoga practice tremendously.

The practice begins with Pranayama followed by standing postures, single leg balancing postures and floor postures, ending with the relaxation / finishing sequence.

Class Times

Dynamic Hot Yoga classes are available 7 days a week, including early morning sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check our TimeTable for DHY class times.