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Fran Taylor - The Brighton Nutritionist

Fad free, no nonsense nutritional advice. Based on scientific evidence I use the power of eating well to improve your health or aid injury recovery.

I will help you to:
  • Reduce or maintain a healthy weight
  • Eat right to aid recovery
  • Manage ongoing health conditions through personal nutrition plans including
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cardio-vascular health
  • Digestive diseases and disorders
  • Eat well through the menopause

My experience

I am a qualified (BSc Human Nutrition) and registered nutritionist (PHRNut), with many years experience in Public Health working with a wide range of health and injury problems. I have also worked extensively as a Wellbeing Coach which gives me the ability to look at the whole picture not just diet.
My approach is to give you a personal nutrition plan which is tailored to your specific needs and goals. I apply the most up to date scientific based evidence, cutting through the minefield of unsupported and downright flaky information the internet can throw at you.

What happens in a session?

Each session is one-to-one and can take place in the Dynamic Hot Yoga consultation room.
The key to my approach is getting the balance back into eating healthily. Faddy diets and strict, hard to follow eating plans do not work long term. By focusing on nutrition and allowing yourself foods that you enjoy results in a lifestyle change that will last, support your health and help prevent further injury.

The programme is unique to you
  • They directly address the things that get in the way of eating well
  • Helping you increase your motivation and confidence to make lasting change
  • Analysing what you eat through food diaries and menu planning
  • Providing the right information on what you should eat to aid injury recovery and pre and post exercise
  • Identifying triggers and habits that lead to over-eating
  • Practical tips and support, such as looking in your cupboards, label reading and handy portion control ideas
  • Debunking the confusing and conflicting weight loss/gain claims we hear daily
  • Providing the right information and advice on what is healthy eating (this means info that suits you and your budget)
  • Ways to tackle emotional eating

It really does depend on what you want and what you need in order to really help you back to full health and improve injury recovery time.

How much? Get Healthy Programme:

In depth one-to-one session + 4 weeks online + email support and encouragement – £64
Our initial consultation helps us really to get to know you and to understand the frustrations and obstacles that you have been faced with. You will come away with clear individual goals and a personalised package that fits your life.

Keeping you healthy:

Making what you know a habit, getting you back on track, giving you new ideas and keeping it fresh. One to one session + 2 week on line + text support – £48 Contact Fran Taylor via fran.taylor@thebrightonnutritionist.co.uk and please mention Dynamic Hot Yoga. Fran has a BSc in Human Nutrition from London Metropolitan University and is a registered nutritionist through the Association for Nutrition. After relocating from London in 2009 she has worked in Brighton & Hove and across West Sussex, both privately and in public health funded nutrition roles. These include working with Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, Albion in the Community and West Sussex Wellbeing.

Fran develops a personal nutritional plan tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals. There is no effective blanket approach to nutrition, therefore, she works with clients ( and this can be in the comfort of your own home) to develop no-nonsense, healthy and sustainable eating plans that suit their lifestyles whilst promoting optimal physical and mental wellbeing and reducing the risk of illness and helping injury recovery time. Fran is also an experienced behaviour change coach and believes the key to long term healthy habits is making lifestyle changes which work for the individual and which address the key motivations for staying fit and healthy.

As well as working as a nutritionist she is also a running coach who loves to give people the confidence to start, or get back to running. She is a busy mum of two who, when she has time, loves to run on her own and, if time allows, fits in a bit of yoga!

Fran Taylor

Fran believes eating well to improve your health needn’t be difficult, complicated or involve taking a shed load of supplements. Fran works with each client’s individual needs using the most up to date scientific evidence and cuts through the minefield of unsupported and downright flaky information the internet can throw at you.

The Brighton Nutritionist

I can help you feel better and look better through a personalised nutrition plan which gives you easy and practical ways to fine tune your diet in a way that works for you and where you are at in your life.