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Professor Slavo Radosevich

Six times GB Rowing Master Champion

When people think about yoga, they usually think about flexibility as its main benefit. What is quite surprising is that your lung capacity and power will also significantly improve. I consider Dynamic Hot Yoga to be the indispensable complementary training to whatever is your core sport. It will give you a competitive edge you would not think possible, especially as you get older. For me, it has become so important that I do it as much as I do my core sport. Last but not least, Dynamic Hot Yoga will make you calmer and more mindful not only when you do sport but in your overall life as well. Why wait for these things to become common knowledge when you can join us immediately and try it for yourself?

Dr Shoshana Garfield PhD

I am a self-declared fitness-freak who has participated in sporting events. I spent a week intensively doing one to three classes a day at your studio. I had massive improvements in my range of movement and pain-level improvements to an injury I’ve been sitting with for over a year despite physio and other interventions. As fit as I was, I still got so much fitter, and of course, the more profound aspects of doing yoga with commitment has brought its own spiritual benefits. Your teachers are caring and knowledgeable, and I always felt comfortable there, even as a beginner. Gym classes were incredibly boring in comparison, and somehow flat. So, I did the only logical thing left – I’ve cancelled my gym membership! I’ve got a yearly membership with you now, which I anticipate renewing year after year. Thanks to the Hot Team! ; )

Ras Khera

I have recently signed a years membership with Dynamic Yoga. I did a lot of thinking and research before making this commitment. I am a 46 year old female that has not done any sport or physical activity in the last 10 years due to various injuries mainly back and ankles. At this age in life i needed to change my fitness level and confidence. I tried three different hot yoga studios in Brighton. With the first two , I found that I did not gel with the ethics and ethos of the practices yet I enjoyed the yoga and found that it suited my needs. I decided to give Dynamic Hot Yoga a try … From my first visit I experienced a warm welcome with no exception of me. It soon become clear to me that this was the place for me. Very kind, friendly and informative staff. Clean and hygienic secure facilities and most importantly , reassurance. I was told that this was my time, my body and my practice. This was a good foundation to begin with, since then I have learnt to listen, breath and work with my body. It has encouraged me to recognise my strengths and that no one’s practice and abilities are the same. The instructors are superb. They do not judge and encourage me to the best of my abilities. A faultless team that give a real sense of belonging. Signing up with Dynamic Hot Yoga was the best decision I have made for my own wellbeing. I feel great , my 13 year old son has noticed the difference in my energy levels and flexibility and stamina. I go out and play basketball with him regularly now, whereas before I’d be complaining about back ache. My visits to the chiropractor have ceased, as my back feels great. Generally I’m happier, healthier. Ive lost wieght, my posture has improved and I’m more relaxed and calm. My 90 minute classes provide me with time to be in my zone, to go at my pace for that day, to feel accomplished, rooted and peaceful. Dynamic Hot Yoga also have a hidden gem amongst them …. Gordon the Gong …. makes an appearance a few time a week. I can not put into words the experience I had when Gordon played the gong … the vibrations harmonised my body with the earth a truly unique sensation that one must experience to understand. I can not recommend this particular practice enough. It is a way of life to me now and all my friends and family really like the changes in me.

Daniel Catt

In the winter of 2012, I sustained a disc injury at work which left me with a condition called ‘Cauda Equina Syndrome’. I had a 90-degree compression from misplaced discs on my spinal cord leaving me in agony, unable to bend, lift or even walk properly losing sensation in both legs.

After delayed results from a scan, I was rushed to hospital on Boxing Day for an emergency operation.

After being told by the consultant at Princes Royal Hospital that I had been close to being paralysed, I found myself being anxious about what I would be capable of. Would I be able to work again? Would I be able to lift or play with my young son? My confidence levels were low; I couldn’t bend or rotate my feet and had little sensation in my lower legs and toes.

A friend mentioned Dynamic Hot Yoga, I was at a stage of trying anything!

I will never forget the first time I met the Yogi. On that 1st session he asked if I could put my arms into a steeple to which I replied ‘Yes’, he said ‘I’m going to save you man’.

He adapted special postures to suit me until I had gained strength. Throughout these sessions the teacher was a rock. He assured me that if I was patient I would one day be doing advanced postures. Thirteen months later his promise came true and I am now doing advanced postures. I feel like a new person, I am now stronger than I’ve ever been, which is truly a miracle. The staff, atmosphere and the energy at Dynamic Hot Yoga is faultless.

I watched a video on YouTube called ‘Arthurs Story’ when I was at the beginning of my yoga experience. It inspired me and gave me hope. I hope that my story will inspire others.