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Ben Murphy

Dynamic Hot Yoga Teacher

Classes taught

Ben is an accomplished athlete and as a professional boxer fought for the British lightweight title on two occasions.

As part of his intensive training regime for those bouts, Ben started to include Dynamic Hot Yoga to increase his flexibility, speed and power. Yoga became as important to him as boxing and when he decided to retire from boxing, the path of becoming a yoga teacher was a natural progression.

He qualified as a teacher in 2010 and has been teaching at DHY ever since, with his early morning sessions a speciality.

Ben believes that the focus on breath and bandha in DHY really takes you inside yourself to explore, adjust, heal, and realign your structure with gravity and the cosmos, opening the mind and energy flow, making you feel vibrant, energised, relaxed, and on fire.

Ben sharing this inner process of inner transformation, exploring the physical body in DHY practice, to can continually make progress physically, mentally and spiritually.