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Claire Kelley

Dynamic Hot Yoga

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Yoga saved me twice
Twenty years or so ago I was on my own with two beautiful small boys and all of my energies went into being the best mother I could be. I needed something for me though. I needed some peace and I found it in yoga.
Then three years ago, those boys, plus extras, had all but left the nest and me having ‘grown up’ with a body complaining of hurty bits and achy places, I needed to find the ‘me’ I had slightly lost along the way.
So, I took a deep breath and found myself in the DHY studio. It was love at first sight and I discovered what I had been looking for.
I feel alive, refreshed, energetic and strong. I had taken responsibility of my own happiness, by shaping and transforming my mind and my body. Growing tall and feeling uplifted.
Reaching for the sky and being rooted to the earth. Finding stillness, self-awareness, self-expression, self-care; being conscious, being present and feeling whole.
Yoga makes me feel a better person, a whole person and having embarked on teacher training and taken myself completely out of my comfort zone, I can now share the love!