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Sam Goddard

Hot Yoga Teacher, Vinyasa, Yin and Lead DHY YTT Teacher

Classes taught

Sam has been practising hot yoga since April 2006 and fell in love with it on her very first class.
She was in a stressful public sector job suffering from back problems and yoga was her release, time to de-stress, stretch out, switch off and re-energise, building strength and flexibility in both body and mind.
Sam made the decision to become a yoga teacher and completed her initial training in 2011, the 9 weeks intensive Bikram hot yoga course.
She has been teaching yoga full time since then.
She has since followed this up with her 200 hours of vinyasa training, aerial yoga training and yin yoga training.
She also spent 4 weeks as the support teacher on a 200-hour vinyasa training in September 2019, before leading the Dynamic teacher training in May 2020.
Sam strongly believes yoga is for everyone and is truly grateful to teach these different styles of yoga and help others get the benefit of yoga and change their lives for the better.
‘Yoga is amazing both physically and even more so mentally. In particular, no matter what type of class you have, no matter what sort of day you have had, you always feel amazing afterwards.’