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Tim Sants-Turner

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Tim has been a professional dancer and dance teacher for most of his life. Performer, choreographer, instructor and teacher trainer, he lives and breathes the arts and runs his own dance consultancy business across London and Brighton.
“Most people think that dancers are at peak health and fitness, but often the strain that is put on the body can result in injury, severe muscle tension and nasty postural and structural issues in the body. I started Yoga in 2016 to ‘undo’ all of the bad habits I had been creating inside of me for years, and to repair the aches and spasms that I was suffering daily. Attending Dynamic Hot Yoga achieved this, but also so much more! The friendly community, the stress relief, the peace of mind I found from indulging in 90 minutes of unadulterated ME time every day…it is amazing how these areas of my life developed without me even realising I needed it.
Qualifying as a teacher has given me the opportunity to pass these benefits and gratifications onto others. I really hope we get to share the studio together soon