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Understanding the primary series- practise practise practise all is coming. Famously Ashtanga is associated with the phrase 99% practise 1% theory meaning you have to learn this yoga through doing, action not from book! But that 1% theory does help. The primary series is a complex sequence which is deceptively ‘simple’ in appearance, even practising regularly in led classes you can easily miss the subtleties and never progress in some of the more complex postures. Like most things ie guitar playing, drawing, cooking – the more practise,the more you will understand, the better you will be. However a bit of technique tutorial can go a long way to help you along the path. Although asanas are only part of yoga, as Swenson says ‘Asanas are not the goal. They are a vehicle to access a deeper internal awareness’ David Swenson We use asanas in Ashtanga as a tool to focus and tone the mind and to prepare body for the rigours of life. It’s not about being ‘bendy’ In this workshop we will look at the sequence including the peak of the series kurmasana & ‘garbapindasana’ (asanas I personally really really struggled with for over a year) but which is now a friend! There will be also some d.iscussion on philosophy to help motivate practice and time for Q&A. Join me